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3 Things You Can Do Today For Better Health - Physique Formula
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3 Things You Can Do Today For Better Health

by James Smith May 01, 2017

3 Things You Can Do Today For Better Health

Everytime a new diet plan or workout book is published, hundreds of articles are written and thousands of people rush to try it.  While I understand the desire to try something new, most people get frustrated and fail with their new diet because they can't build habits.

At the same time, many trainers, nutritionists or health coaches flood busy, every day folks with too much information.

Everytime some comes to me, who I know has had trouble in the past, I give them these 3 tips to improve their blood work, lose weight and feel better and you can start it TODAY (no B.S. either)

Here's a quick summary of this quick video (because everyone wants quick, right?)

3 Things You Can Do Today To Feel Better.
1) Start taking an Omega-3 fish oil for specific reasons (I recommend this one )
2) Start getting better quality sleep.
3) Eat something with nutritional value, ignore the amount.

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James Smith
James Smith