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4 Steps To Master Your Ring Dips Like A Crossfit Champion - Physique Formula
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4 Steps To Master Your Ring Dips Like A Crossfit Champion

by James Smith March 02, 2016

4 Steps To Master Your Ring Dips Like A Crossfit Champion

One of the more useful Crossfit strength movement is the ring dip since it transfers over to a variety of exercises directly like the muscle up and the iron cross but it also indirectly transfers over to every major upper body movement like kipping chins ups and overhead snatches.

Let's dissect a video from Crossfit athlete Chris Speiler

Step One: The Set Up

The key to a mastering your ring dip is all in your set up. Your core should be engaged and your glutes tight. The start to a ring dip is identical to the start of a chin up.

Step Two: Preventing Overextension

One of the bigger issues that both beginners and elite Crossfit athletes have is overextending at the start of their ring dip. Why? It could be a few reasons but it can be summed up to being either too quick to get started or not enough starting strength so the athlete has to start from an overextended position. Either way, you're fatiguing yourself too early.

Step Three: Strong position at the bottom

A key to performing more ring dips is establishing a strong base at the bottom of every rep in order to fire up for your next rep. The goal at the bottom is to finish in a position with your chest forward and your elbows backwards, not flared out. We're looking for an efficient finishing position that can be achieved with eccentric ring dips and good old fashion bodybuilding sets and reps (3 sets of 10, 4 sets of 8 reps) on dips.


Step Four: Position Reenforced

If your sticking point is at parallel, or the finish, then you make it harder on yourself because you actually increase the range of motion. Work you base with partial range of motion ring dips, kipping chin ups, chin ups and dips or use a partner to assist.

Here's the full video

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    James Smith
    James Smith