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Marvel Cup of Joe:What Was Said?

by James Smith December 06, 2015

Written By Jimmy Smith

The Marvel Cup o’ Joe Panel was attended by the creator Joe Quesada, the VP of TV, Jeph Loeb, Chief Editor Axel Alonso and the Sr. Vice President creator, C.B, Arune Singh, Steve Wacker along with Jeff Buckly
The very first discussion was on the Punisher: Nightmare which is a series penned by Scott Gimple who also does write for The Waling Dead.

The series is drawn by none other than Mark Texiera who has done artwork for the Space Punisher. Next the panellists moved onto to discuss the Guardians of the Galaxy.  The book was written by Brain M. Bendis and was drawn by a sketcher Steve Mc Niven. The panellists then teased Iron Man who came to be a part of the team. The guy at least seemed like Iron Man in clothed in duds.
With the onslaught of rapid fire rounds, the panel further proceeded to announce the crew of the Nova series written by Jeph Loeb along with Ed McGuiness. Sam Alexander starred as the main character as the book began being written in February this year. Loeb believed the Nova series shall give people a sense of Sam’s original story and was going to be written to allow readers to make those perfect jump points.

The announcement which took everyone by surprise was Marvel custom teaming with ESPN magazine for a “What If” special series that will chronicle Lebron James and other NBA stars with a mad scientist twist to it. The series has been called Lebron: King of the Ring. The book will be penned by Christos Gage and the artwork will be done with the help of Scott Eaton, Greg Land and an entourage of artists.

Last but certainly not least, Marvel was going to work on a new Iron Man/hulk: Heroes United animated movie. The featured movie will come out on Blu-ray and DVD. The audience was then treated to what some would say was a sneak peak that would blow your mind away and how. With a CGI twist to classic anime, the visuals could only remind one of Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

James Smith
James Smith


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