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Batman: The Killing Joke Review

February 03, 2016

Written by Jimmy Smith


Panelists took to centre stage with much applause. Greg Capullo, Scott Synder, Jonathan Glapion, Kyle Higgins, David Finch, Peter Tomasi, Greg Hurwitz and, James Tynion IV were present.

They showcased a new cover for Batman No.16 with a Joker wearing a vest of Batman’s sidekick’s costume. Synder asked the crowd if Avengers were to fight the X-men , then who would win. The crowd responded in one voice- Batman.
Synder quickly moved to address Joker’s need for holding Batman’s attention. He said that the Joker believes that he is the ruler of Gotham. His mind set is such that he is willing to burn the whole city down with a touch of anarchy.

The Joker is of the belief that Batman’s family is the root cause of Batman’s weakness. Sybder emphasizes that the Bat-writers have some pretty interesting stories lined up for the audiences. The Joker would be seen making catchy remarks with reference to classic Jester jokes. The next issue will see the Riddler come into the picture along with the Red Hood gangsters.

In issue No.1 Calvin shall be seen making his way back to Gotham that will serve as the base of the series for the days to come.
Nightwing No.16 shows the Joker making an attack on every character’s weakness and is certainly changing Batman’s ways of living life as he knows it. The panel did point out that anyone who would pick up an issue of the comic was sure to see fireworks.
Tomasi assured that No.14 will give a sense of the Joker and what is to come. Issues 15 and 16 shall bring the readers to the Death of the Family. The journey of Batman is taking an emotional route with the coming of these issues.
Batman and Robin was up next, where Tomasi said that #14 will have an early opening salvo for the Joker story, but #15 and #16 will be the meat of the Death of the Family stuff. He expressed that it’s going to be a lot of fun to take Damian on an even deeper emotional journey as a result of the Joker story.
The Dark Knight No. 15 would bring the scarecrow into the limelight and show how dark Gotham city had become.
Finch happily added that the last and final issue is something he is content with and is sure that it will be epic and no less.
. The panelists urged the crowds to keep reading and see what the Joker will do to the Batman and other criminals of the city of Gotham.