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Lauren Fisher Crossfit Workout And Diet

by James Smith January 06, 2016

Lauren Fisher Crossfit Workout And Diet

It’s crazy to think that Lauren Fisher not only is a top Crossfit athlete but she also in an Olmypic games hopeful as well.

Lauren trains five days a week and two times per day. Her typical workout split is a heavy strength workout during the morning with her afternoon workout being more of conditioning session in the water or at the track. At 20 years old she was the youngest women ever to compete in the Crossfit Games and she even competed a year earlier with her team in the 2013 games. She also has participated in the American Open and Junior Pan Am Championships with Team USA

What are Lauren Fishers personal best lifts?

Clean & Jerk-242 pounds
Snatch-183 pounds
Deadlift-325 pounds
Back Squat-290 pounds
Max Pull ups- 50 reps

Like every Crossfit athlete, Lauren Fisher excels at one WOD more than others. Her best WOD is Fran which is a complex of front squats with a push press and pull-ups. Fran is used as a benchmark workout to gauge your progress with Crossfit. Fran is meant to be retested every few months.

Here’s what Fran looks like.

21 Barbell Thrusters
21 Pull Ups
15 Barbell Thrusters
15 Pull Ups
9 Barbell Thrusters
9 Pull ups

Lauren Fishers time with Fran is 2:37.

Lauren Fishers Diet

When it comes to her diet, Lauren Fisher makes sure that she doesn’t just stick to a strict paleo diet because she does Crossfit. Too many Crossfit athletes just blindly adhere to the paleo diet, which isn’t bad, but the paleo diet restricts starchy carbohydrates and individuals like Lauren, need a few servings of starchy carbohydrate per day. Why? When athletes like Lauren train hard, they eventually start to impair their recovery. Athletes need to train multiple times per week. Eventually, without checks and balances, Crossfit athletes start suffering from a degree of adrenal fatigue. The first way to prevent that from happening is to not cut starchy carbohydrates out to begin with.

Lauren posted her diet on Instagram. Here’s what she eats.

Large scoop of Almond Butter
3 eggs +grilled veggies+ 3 pieces of sausage or bacon
1 Sweet potato
Green tea
Handful of berries
1 Banana

Lauren will then train

Post workout Lauren will have a protein shake and 1 serving of white rice or oatmeal.

Around noon she’ll have a protein bar and some black tea

She’ll train at night followed by another protein shake with some starchy carbohydrates and 1 sweet potato

Her lunch is pretty basic with turkey or chicken and vegetables. Her dinner will be the same but she’ll double up on her meat sources.

Nothing fancy but Lauren Fisher gets it done. That's the most important lesson of this article. Just train hard

James Smith
James Smith


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