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Cam Newton Workout And Diet - Physique Formula
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Cam Newton is playing at an MVP level for the Carolina Panthers. While he always a talented quarterback with obvious athletic gifts, what changed to allow him to reach the next level? You have to look at his workout and diet to find the secrets behind his success.

His strength coach, Joe Kenn, says that Cam Newtons typical workouts last between 30 to 35 minutes of hard intense training. Interestingly, Cam Newton focuses on single limb work n the gym and rarely, if ever uses barbell. When asked why he trains this way, Cam notes that he is trying to strengthen smaller muscle that are important to his on the field success as opposed to building bulging biceps. The purpose here is to strength key throwing and hip mobility muscles.

Cam really makes a point to focus on his balance and core workout as he feels that those areas will increase his longevity. Due to his mobility, Cam gets more minor bumps and bruises than he does big hits.

One of the big keys to Cam’s training is that he tries to move as explosive as possible to maintain his dynamic speed. It doesn’t matter if he uses the TRX, dumbbells or his own bodyweight, the goal is to move as fast as possible. Why? Fast lifts active more muscle fibers than slow movements.

It’s also important to notice that Cam focuses on conditioning but not traditional running. Cam often performs footwork drills using ladders or cone drills to increase his foot quickness. Cam often uses bounding drills to improve the power of his hip extension.

When it comes to his diet, Cam newton surprisingly eats relatively plain. He tries to watch his weight but he also enjoys himself as well. As long as his body fat stays down, he generally doesn’t fret over what he eats or doesn’t eat. Since he trains in the Panthers facility in the off season, he always have a post workout shake designed for him and the dieting on staff advises Cam to follow a very basic diet of high healthy fats, low carbohydrates and high protein per meal.

I’d personally like a to see a focus on more anti-inflammatory nutrition using supplements like curcumin and fish oil but I agree with the overall premise.